Mysore Palace/Amba Villas – With its Indo Saracenic architecture, this historical palace and royal residence is magnificent edifice of history, architecture & culture. The Wodeyars official residence is 102 years old.

The four arched gates give way to a large garden area which surrounds the palace. The main building is three-storeys, made of granite stone, pink marble /copper sulphate arches and a multiple storey tower with gilded domes facing the gate spreads across 72 acres. The evening look of palace is so eye catching with around 90,000 bulbs lighting the palace.

Lalit Mahal – Located facing Chamundi Hills, this spherical dome palace projecting the front elevation majorly dons with stained glasses, Italian marbles & Belgian chandeliers. It’s phenomenal, a touch of majesty, splashing interiors, embellishments and royal adornments render the palace a beautiful aura.

Gumbaz, Srirangapatna – 15Km from Mysore, this place boasts the tombs of Tippu sultan & his parents. The black granite pillars with ivory doors & domes shows the brilliant craftsmanship & hard work of the workers & architects. Tiger striped walls (Tippu –referred as Tiger of Mysore) intricately carved with stone work, this mausoleum houses Masjid – E-Aksa, landscaped gardens & nearby summer palace of Tippu (Daria Daulat Bagh)

Chronicling the history of palaces was always I was fond of reading. India has seen many kings and queens. Their king sized lifestyle, luxury filled world amazed many. But behind the extravagant life has their darkest secrets. The Mysore Wodeyars are remembered for their harped curse of an heirless future for years. Even for their eccentricity and quirkiness in their lavish lifestyles, they are known.

A royal extravaganza life never amazed me. What amazes me is the surprisingly normal lives of the present day riches.

A positive outlook on what the day might bring, the desire to see what God has planned for the day, the willingness to step out of comfort zone – these qualities make them successful. Trapping wealth never fascinated them. Becoming influential might be easy but what difficult is staying grounded and humble.

What amaze me is those humble people who possess an inner strength, down to earth quality and comfortable in their own skin. From eating lunch with their staffs, residing in a modest home (worth a fraction), scouring deals and travelling in economic class, treating others the way they want to be treated, no pretense, focusing on giving rather than receiving – A genre of self-actualization and humility.