Returning to writing after a very long time. Huge time gap. 27, 360 minutes more for New Year to arrive.

                                Roller coaster feelings; palindrome thoughts; inundation of hopes.

This year 2020 is sure set to be unforgettable for all –The COVID. This pandemic induced social distancing; masquerading everyone at outside and invigorating everyone to be hygiene.

Lot of questions plummets my mind---

Is Mother Nature so furious and ashamed to see humans, that she made us to wear masks?

Had we never known to be clean and hygiene earlier. Do we require this pandemic to teach us these jargons: Hygiene; sanitization; hand wash; cleanliness?

Do family bonds, only if there is a total lock down /Work from Home and when all are probed to be indoors?

Do children got so much used to online classes & virtual meets. Will this become their new inclination?

Online classes gave a new challenge to all moms. Though kids became physically inactive; this brought in lot of talents to show/explore & learn.

ONLINE is another vocab enormously used this year (Online classes; online shopping; online everything. Consumerism Won.)

Does our responsibilities increased all of a sudden? When nothing seems to be a Midas touch hereon do we need to multifold our reserves & savings?

When most of us are getting into importunate mode to endure and withstand, why do few never realize their responsibilities??  

When the Oeuvre of this pandemic comprehended life is not that easy as before, why do only one always contemplate of settling into his own self?

Why does this happen for many – The one near you; having dinner with you never be able to hear out your scream; your petite torment but someone far away hears out your Silence…??!

Lot of questions plummets my mind--- Without answers --!!

Happy New Year !!heart


** Sketches-  by my kid!!