Dubai Miracle Garden (DMG) spread over some 72000 square feet with 250 million varieties of flowers, was worth a visit. This being my 3rd time after a few years, it looked fresh and beautiful. Heading towards Albarsha, the garden features many topiary – tomcat, Mickey mouse, Donald duck , Emirates airbus,  castles, fairies and bountiful of flowers arranged in contrasting colour blends; reflection of shapes; constant flower pattern change totally put together giving a kaleidoscopic effect.

DMG reminds me of my young age cartoon series “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Caroll where she falls into a rabbit hole and enters a world of fantasies – Gardens; giant shaped flowers; castles and encounters with talking cat & other animals. Not sure why that series was stopped later. Sometimes the garden recaps me of another series of Jake & Holly in Treasure Garden fuelled with powerful and exciting adventures.   PARADOX…..

A spectacular garden with natural flowers in a desert land – A paradox indeed, but nothing is impossible here… Magnificent transformations stirring with ambitious visions, day after day!!!!!

Contradictions chances in life too…

   When plagiarism is a big NO, remixes (song) gets  a huge hit – Contradiction

  When tonnes of beauty products launched on the globe every day, people  focusing more on “Simple is beautiful” - Contradiction (a BINGO for that)

   Even connected socially with hundreds of acquaintances many are sophisticatedly aloof – Contradiction

   When pen is mightier, a photo gets number of likes more than a beautiful piece of literature –Contradiction but saddening

   The more we learn the more we comprehend how little we know - Contradiction but Vital

        When silence wanted to be listened, all were just heard. Life the biggest teacher travels you in its own way. No matter if you are on your own in many a situations with none to truly chunk your happiness or melancholy, definitely your SHADOW WILL!  Let’s blossom everyday fresh and be joyful like those flowers. BE HAPPY & LET OTHERS TO BE HAPPYheart smiley