Yet another dull usual weekend. Unsure of where to take my kidz, been out to a nearby park, a little grocery shopping, small fun with kids this evening went like a sweeping sand.

To be or not to be?

It was a life changing moment when I was discussing with the lady sitting beside me in the flight.  She replied, a human’s real poverty is not lack of money or material but lack of empathy, affection and care. Spread these to those children who really need it. Eventually you will get fulfilled. She was taking care of /sponsoring 15 children destitute back in her hometown. Indeed a chilling moment.

Sitting in a state of despondency won’t help. If the present scenario is not happening the way one wants, then it’s happening to the wish of GOD.

It was yet another emotional moment when someone thanked for a very little help I did. It made my day when she said “GOD BLESS YOU". Never heard this blessing for over a decade from anyone.

Getting  inspired from people in all walks of life through their hardships and service makes one feel resilient and positive.

Inspiration --- When I come across a friend who quit her good salaried IT job and started doing SEWA in temples & shelter homes for the needy, it’s an inspiration. SEWA (Selfless Effort for Welfare of All). Somewhere you get to know from your neighbour, a mother used to provide breakfast /lunch to orphanages during her kids birthday, it’s an inspiration.

When I read through, someone settled a hefty loan for a family to return to their home country, people writing off to their banks for no interest , few donating their time  and work in shelter homes for welfare of others, it’s  an inspiration.

During my schooling when I learnt ,about the nuns used to pray day and nights for our good health/state of mind and scores during our final board exams without expecting any feedback; cultivating in us the compassion of giving (even if its small) at a very young age; somewhere you hear a person praying for his colleague’s kid well-being, it’s an inspiration.

There are lot more people who never claim fame but continue to work profusely for a noble cause behind the curtains. For all these people charity begins by sharing resources, minimizing their needs and creating a happiness effect.

All these people teach the same. Charity/giving to the needy is much more to Pantheism.

It’s Spiritual. It’s Divine. As everyone knows feeling good things bring in more goodness feeling.

Its pitch dark outside. The clock stuck half past. Glancing through the window, an eerie silence engulfs, looking up in the sky, could see few stars blinking….

To be or not to be?? TO BE!!

Yes, am happy to be a part of this spiritual culture – The Culture of Giving.

Giving not only money/material but our prayers, help, motivation, making the poor understand they have diginity and capability, foster their hidden values and to make them a better person by not humiliating but by encouraging them.

This moment am thankful to Almighty, my stars, my karma for giving an opportunity to learn from lot of philanthropists/contributors for their dedication and instill in me to become a better person. Humanity is irrespective of whether its huge or tiny. I have just embarked on this journey (If not now, then when?)smiley

I wish the new emerging technologies machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, quantum computing which are going to restructure the World economy should eradicate poverty. (In Yr 2018 10% are BPL)

                                                           LETS REJOICE IN THE ART OF HELPING (ONLY IF U WISH TO)heart