Euphoria feelings rush in as there is nothing like seeing this quite island with lush vegetation, less population, crystal clear water overlooking white sands, sparkling turquoise waves – Maldives!!

It’s no less than a paradise. The Indian Ocean stocking these pristine beaches looks magnanimous.

A 10-minute speed boat ride from Male airport, this island is one of its kind. With its own sporting activities, different species of fish; thick woody trees, floating water villa forming a part of a group of islands on the coral reefs known as Atolls.

After a few months, been to the same Indian Ocean extension (Gulf of Oman), Fujairah beach. A 45-minute ride from Sharjah, this enclave was invaded by Portuguese centuries back.

Various degree people basking under the sun, soothing atmosphere, this beach tranquillity has a lot more to say.

Waking up to the roaring silence of waves in the early morning, immersing myself in the solitude ambience, watching my little princess sleeping with a smile,  a tussle between mind and heart began, thoughts overflowing,

Who says that the one who looks fulfilled are not breaking within; who says that one who looks free are not confined. Somewhere within us resides a captive. As we make through in life the one residing within getting stifled desperate to taste the freedom, let to get out…

Life is not easy riding journey with the idea of arriving safely. You get totally worn out, thoroughly used up and loudly declaring, “That’s the best ride”. So love and accept yourself for the person U are without conforming to others judgementals.heartsmiley