The Royal Mystery

The Royal Mystery

As we travel length and breadth, no sooner we realize the world is a beautiful place to live in. Exploring unknown places, erasing our limits, broadening our mind, there is more out there in this world which we really don’t know…

Some destinations are very famous and gives a WOW factor but many are overlooked. These places are mesmerizing and less talked about.

Fern hill Palace in Nilgiris, a 3 hour drive from my home is surrounded by hills & scenery of tea estates and densely populated with teak & alpine trees. The reason I chose to travel here was its very calm far from the maddening crowd, relaxing, pamper a while into royalty by staying in one of their vast suites.

The other reason intrigued me was this palace was haunted few years ago. Heard from people around that at nights one could hear the ball room filled with guests’ laughter and fun; playing billiards; someone arranging furniture’s in late night. The thriller movie Raaz (2002) was shot here decades back and the crew experienced the same.  Well, to contrary I didn’t experience any… Might be now a days ghosts are having anthropo phobia!!devil

The halls were all furnished with Burmese teak and intricate wooden carvings. Fine artwork, charming cast iron patterned works & pictures of king & clan were kept all over. This used to be the summer resort of Mysore Maharaja. Around the palace was a heavenly sight with soaring high trees; lush green pedicured lawns at an approximate altitude of 6000ft ( after 24 hairpin bends). The forested eucalyptus along with terrained tea flavor treating the breeze, tranquil one’s soul and gives an enthralling experience.

Unravelling such secret destinations with your loved ones is definitely rejoicing and revitalizing. It's worth to enjoy this nature’s splendor ambience and got hypnotized to Mother Nature.heart