Souk On Colours

Souk On Colours

"SOUK”, the word got into parlance through French during their occupation in Arabic / African countries in 20th century. Souk (bazaar) refers to traditional markets in Western Asia / North African regions.

My visit to Spice souk here, is one good experience; exploring the heritage from beautiful artwork to heaped herbs &spices. Colours imbue great symbolic power and evoke memories. The souk architecture resembled Old Persian bazaars with alleys into alleys connected like a honey comb. While walking through the dizzying maze the only 2 things which can compete each other were the aromatic herb (menthol) spices and the sound of vendors propelling us into unassumed shops.

The panoramic view of souk recollected my  thoughts  to the book "Caliph House" & "Arabian  Nights" by Tahir where he explains the rich cultural heritage of Morrocan Souqs and Marrakech spice; laterns & porcelain ware markets which are highly entertaining and engrossing.

This place is a hit to all my senses with heaving of spices; lamps and lanterns created with elegant geometric patterns by skilled ancient craftsmen and artisans was a good feast to eyes.

Never felt overwhelming by the spices and it' vibrant colurs in my kitchen but the same ones here bring in you boldness; creativity and energy all put together into an art. The pots filled with herbs & spices up to its brim may be a casual scene to some but looking things around us and feeling its impact is truly awesome!!

They are the COLORS OF LIFE....heart