Burj Khalifa Vs Moon

Burj Khalifa Vs Moon

The analogy between Burj Khalifa and moon is unusual. They are the best in their own significant respects.

Burj Khalifa,the tallest skyscraper incorporating Arabic traditional designs and modern sophistication is an upshot of stunning architecture.

Moon, exemplifies enlightment,eternity and untainted beauty. A sheer harmony without which Mother Nature would be daunting at night.

The gorgeous white circle with it's splotched surface appears always riddled to me more than her anomalistic and synodical durations. She has lot of secrets up her sleeves!

Without equivocating, moon has been the cynosure still for growing /tinkering myriad poets. I believe,

"No poet would have not written about moon


If one had not written about moon, he is no more a poet ".

Today on this whoop-de-do night ,watching  Burj Khalifa & the gibbous moon across, my thoughts profound. An invocation from nature muses me. It's a rhythm of time to watch both; the steel concrete artifact Vs natural satellite.

The duo slightly self aggrandizing, reaching up a long way with their soaring exquisite definitely altercate (in fact politely) with each other.....WHO IS MORE BEAUTIFUL?

Man made beauty (or) the nature made beauty?

People are intrigued with both

People fascinate both

People explore both

People enthrall the appealing look of both

Nevertheless, the combo, the tower with its bespoke crown from Supreme Power is an ultimate treat.

With these simple thoughts engulfed in my mind, walking down the lane of burj, making my way back to home - only to notice the MOON still following me, accompanying till my home, reluctant to bid farewell to me

Hey my moon, U R THE BEST!!heart