"To travel is to take a journey into yourself" - Danny Kaye

As rightly said, travelling and exploring places gives a new perception of life and understanding our innerself. My blog takes you to different places which are not much visited, less familiar or less appreciated. The beauty of these unknown places can be an eye opener and challenging, eventually relaxing our mind and soul. The moment I start to go for a trip, or a destination, I become a dreamer, a planner, and then an organizer. It's a wonderful learning by exploring and experiencing one of life's greatest pleasures. The same goes with my other hobbies too

By writing the experience of the places I travel am not talking or writing, but I am actually living through it. The more the travel, the more the excitement is, stimulating my inner thoughts, energy & intuition giving a soul search and be closer to nature.


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Srivarsha Ramesh, working as a planner in an international manufacturing conglomerate, completed her graduation in Engineering and Masters. An avid lover of nature, frequent traveler and a great believer in intuition she finds exploring and discovering places, gives a new purpose to LIVE LIFE AND LOVE LIFE. Added to this, her other favourite past times include sketching and reading books. She worked for few months as an event organizer (for weddings & birthday parties) which she accolades, gave her good sense of colour & combination. She is also an involved volunteer for a cause that is near and dear her heart. The care for children who are lacking parents, love and affection. Serving for a local organization in her hometown, her long term goal is to be a life hope sponsor.